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Brow Lamination
Eyebrow treatment

Brow lamination application is a semi-permanent lift for the brows to give a natural look. It keeps them looking fluffy and perfectly in place for up to 8 weeks. It’s perfect for clients who already have full thick brows but just want a simple service to keep their brows looking polished and in place with minimal effort. Unlike other brow services, brow lamination will not create illusion of having more hairs than your clients naturally have. Instead, it lifts and grooms existing hairs to a more streamlined shape.

Who is it for?
Anyone with medium to full brows is ideal for this treatment. It is most suitable for clients struggling with incorrect eyebrow shapes, improper growth of hairs, or difficulties grooming/styling brows. Unfortunately, it's not well-suited for clients with very thin or sparse brows.

                                                                                   BROW LAMINATION WITHOUT TINT $95
                                                                                     BROW LAMINATION WITH TINT $110

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