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Our guests have been enjoying our Spa Points for many years.

At Nardinis we continue to grow to serve you better, 

We have moved to a new point system for more excitement and to serve you better. 

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Treat Points Program

Nardinis Spa Points Program is now Treat Points

Nardinis Salon and Spa is excited to introduce our new loyalty program.  As part of the improvement to our loyalty program, we have discontinued the Nardinis Spa Point program and converted to the Treat Points Program. This program is designed for you to come and enjoy a new experience at Nardinis.  As our valued guest you will earn “Treat Points” on every dollar ($) spent, including points for product purchases as well as extra points when you rebook for your next appointment.  Our “Treat Points Program” is similar to our old Spa Points, only better! You will earn points that you can then redeem for rewards like trying a new treatment or service.


When can Treat Points be redeemed?

              Service Treat Points may be used alongside an already booked service to enrich your experience while at Nardinis.  Services are limited to availability, only valid between Mondays and Thursdays and may be restricted to specific technicians, (you may inquire on which technicians are available to you at the time of your booking).  When using Treat Points be sure to mention at time of booking.


How else can I earn extra Treat Points?

              In addition to earning points for every dollar spent at Nardinis, you can also earn bonus points.  Bonus points are given for uploading a review selfie, sharing a review on social media, or by referring a new family member or friend to Nardinis.  Be sure to keep an eye out on your inbox for Treat Card Reward Specials.


What will happen to my existing Spa Points?

              Don’t worry! All of your spa points are presently transferred over to our new Treat Points Program.  Our salon coordinators will be happy to share your new balances with you.


We’re excited to keep improving our treat points system for you and hope you will take advantage of your treat points.


Ask our Salon Coordinator for more details.




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