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Create your personal style with eye-catching hair colour at Nardinis Salon Spa. 

All services begin with a complete in-depth consultation of your hair goals and desired hair colour for your very own personalized look.

Experience the transformative power of a new hair color by booking your appointment today.

Discover how a change in hair color can revolutionize your world.

                                               Designer          Senior 

Full Head Colour                                          $90+                     $100+
Regrowth                                                    $68+                      $75+
Full Head of Highlights                             $160+                    $180+
Partial Highlights                                      $120+                     $150+

Crown Highlights                                      $95+                       $120+              
Balayage                                                     $200+                     $275+
Men's Hair Colour                                      $45                        $50
Men's Comb-in Hair Colour                       $35                       $40
Love Locks Add-on (Per-foil)                   $10+

Toner                                                          $40+

Root Lift                                                     $100+              $125+

Global Lightening                                      $200+             $250+

Money Piece                                               $60+                $80+

Root Smudge                                              $30+                 $35+

Colour Melt                                                 $95+                  $110+

BabyLights                                                 $120+                $135+

Creative Colour                                                      By Consultation Only 

Colour Remove                                                       By Consultation Only  

Consultation                                                           $35 (can be used towards same hair
                                                                                         services  within 30 days)

Please note: Pricing for all colour services and colour correction is determined through a consultation. The prices provided are estimates and may vary. Additionally, if you opt for any chemical services, there will be an additional charge for a haircut or blow dry. We are pleased to offer a blow dry service with a Stylist, starting at $35. It's important to keep in mind that all prices mentioned are standard starting prices and may be subject to adjustments based on the

thickness and length of your hair.

Money piece highlights face framing

Money Piece                  |        Balayage Mississauga

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